Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving hiatus-I certainly enjoyed mine!

Main Man and I celebrated two Thanksgivings (that’s how much thanks we have to give!) with one at our house and the other at my parent’s house in South Dakota.

Don’t worry-I’ll walk you through both of them soon.

There are precious puppies involved.

I know you will be coming back for that. Let’s be real.

Anyway, here’s what I was up to last week:

Volunteering with my students at New House, a domestic abuse shelter:

Cuddling with my baby girl:

Putting up the tree! Before:

And after:

Purple this year!

Main Man has all of the lights set to go on at 5:15pm and stay on until midnight. I love it when they turn on and squeel every time!

Anyone else?

Just me? Cool.

He also gave me an extra surprise and has it set to be on in the morning when I get up. It’s pretty amazing and magical-definitely a great way to wake up!

We also decorated the fireplace-it’s all ready! Our poor doggies have to share the middle stocking but I don’t think they mind too much!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Do you decorate for the holidays?

I’ll be back tomorrow with another WIAW and will then give you a re-cap of my Thanksgivings!