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Different Oral Diseases To Prevent

Various Dental Illness To avoid Caring for the oral cavity is important to earn our own selves appear presentable but it is actually not the only reason why our team ought to have proper care from our mouth. Besides influencing…

A Weekend in Four Pictures

I wasn’t feeling too hot this weekend. So there was lots of resting, reading, and I even managed to clean my office. Prepare yourself, the fact that the scariest office on the planet was cleaned means that the world will…

Post-Thanksgiving WIAW

We made it past Thanksgiving! Is it time to get back to normal eating habits? For me it is! Welcome to my post-Thanksgiving WIAW! On Sunday I made a special pot of oats for breakfasts for the week and have…

Back by Demand

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving hiatus-I certainly enjoyed mine! Main Man and I celebrated two Thanksgivings (that’s how much thanks we have to give!) with one at our house and the other at my parent’s house in South Dakota….