As the years go by, the growth of the upper jaw and the jaw are leaving no space for the cordless, better known as wisdom teeth. Therefore, when these molars have finished growing and wanted to leave, they do not find enough space to reach the surface and, therefore, they begin to cause pressure on the whole venture in search of its proper place.

There are people who experience the appearance of the cordials from an early age (17 years), while others do not usually know the existence of wisdom teeth until reaching the age of 30. The truth is that this process of changes in the teeth can cause very intense symptoms and pain that need to be alleviated while awaiting the visit to the specialist, for this reason we have prepared this article where you will find home remedies for gum disease receding gums treatment.

Symptoms Of Tooth Extraction

Not always the teeth hurt when leaving, but when it happens, it is common for symptoms commit much more than a simple toothache. Usually when the teeth appear the person experiences:

Inflammation of the gum because the premolar does not have enough space to leave and decides to twist, colliding with other teeth.

  • Pain when opening and closing the mouth, also when chewing.
  • A severe headache, usual tensions on the side where the cord is coming out.

If these symptoms are present and an appointment has not yet been made with the oral surgeon, it is best to use some home remedies for the pain of the wisdom teeth and thus to deflate the area until the day of the extraction of the cordless. (

Home Remedies For Toothache

Water with salt

Among the home remedies for wisdom tooth pain stands out one because of its great anti-inflammatory property. These are salty water swabs or gargles, which are recommended by dentists to relieve inflammation of the gums that occurs when the premolar cannot get out.

Ideally, the water should be warm and to make the swallows should drink a large sip and hold it inside the mouth, accumulated on the side of the pain for as long as possible. It is recommended to repeat this process until you have made the swabs equivalent to the contents of one cup of water.


This vegetable has the property of causing a relaxing effect when chewing. This is because the parsley when the teeth crush it gives off a substance that acts as a soothing and allows relieving a toothache .

In addition, chewing parsley is a good home remedy for gum disease receding gums and tooth pain because it stimulates the production of the hormone endorphin in the brain, which allows to decrease the level of pain and tolerate easier the discomfort of the tooth. It is important to rinse the mouth with water to prevent the remains of parsley in the inflamed gum, and an infection may occur.

Honey And Lemon Shakes

Just like water with salt, the juice also can relieve the pain of wisdom teeth. However, it is not a matter of drinking alcoholic beverages, but d mouthing rum with pure juice such as rum, which also acts as a sedative.

One effective way to make use of this home remedy is to make rum rumps with honey and lemon. The lemon acid will prevent the progression of an infection if it exists, and the skin and rum will allow the gum to deflate so that the person feels relief and less pressure on the jaw. The juice crop should be made with the amount equivalent to a measure of gulp and need not be repeated.


The pain of the teeth often causes inflammation in the cheeks, especially when the premolar is fully grown. In these cases, a recommended home remedy is to place ice packs in the sore area to decrease the discomfort.

You can also wrap ice in a towel and place it on the injured cheek. The idea is to let the cold rest in the inflammation for at least 20 minutes. It is not recommended to put cold directly on the skin as it can cause burns.

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Garlic Paste

Many are the properties of garlic, and relieving toothache is one of them. The garlic has the benefit of helping to relieve pain as antiseptic and disinfectant. To make the most of your goodness, you must prepare a garlic paste: crush a clove of garlic and add salt, then place in the injured area and let stand for 15 minutes.

Clove Oil

The Clove oil contains analgesic and antiseptic substance ideal to relieve the pain of toothache and prevent an infection, even after extracting the tooth. In addition, this oil has the property to combat bad breath and gingivitis.

To use this home remedy, you must apply to the affected area a cotton swab moistened with clove oil. Let the cotton rest on the gum for at least 15 minutes, then discard and rinse the mouth with water. 


  1. Avoid eating hard or chewy foods so as not to hurt the area further
  2. Do not consume sweet foods, as they worsen the discomfort
  3. Eat food neither very cold nor very hot

Best Home Remedy For Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment

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