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Post-Thanksgiving WIAW

We made it past Thanksgiving! Is it time to get back to normal eating habits?

For me it is!

Welcome to my post-Thanksgiving WIAW!

On Sunday I made a special pot of oats for breakfasts for the week and have been eating them cold with my hot coffee in the morning when I get to school.

Simply delicious.

In the pot went:

4 cups of water (boiled, added 3 vanilla tea bags, then removed)

2.5 cups of old-fashioned oats

4 scoops of vanilla protein powder

1/4 cup raisins

lots of cinnamon

You can throw in milk, almond milk, nuts, nut butter, different fruit, chia, flax, etc. It’s a pretty good batch if I do say so myself!

I just split it all evenly into five mason jars for easy grabbage (totally a word) in the mornings.

I always have a snack before school and split my carrots and hummus into two (half for breakfast #2 and the other half for an afternoon snack):

Mid-morning I had my usual apples and almonds snack:

Can you believe that is not a recycled picture? I feel like a lot of my pictures look the same…maybe it’s time to switch it up!

Or maybe not…

Lunch was some generic brand organic black bean soup (because I’m thrifty…ok, ok, I’ll make my own soon) with lots of organic peas thrown in:

I spy sweet doggies getting their breakfast in the background.

I also made some organic veggies a little after lunch:

There might have been two girl scout cookies in there too…but there’s no photographic evidence so it probably didn’t happen.

Just sayin’.

After school I had my carrots and hummus. Pre-yoga was a protein bar and some more almonds.

Post-yoga was some random ancient grain crackers from Costco and a glass of vino. That combined with Christmas lights, a fire, and a book made for a pretty nice little Saturday Tuesday evening.

I suppose this isn’t a perfect day (lots of pre-packaged food) but it sure did the job for me!

Do you just go crazy food-wise through the holidays or do you try to get back to normal eating?